Welcome to the Place Where Happiness Knows Your Name

Sun Horse Ranch is a newly established equine-assisted service and learning center focusing on mental and physical well-being using a holistic approach in Greenville, SC.

All therapy programs at Sun Horse Ranch to equine-assisted therapeutic riding instructions and special therapies at Sun Horse Ranch like hippotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and psychology therapy will be overseen by professionals certified and licensed practitioners.

Meet the Team

Our “Therapists”

Meet the Staff

img 9727 isabella manager shr

Isabella Burwell  Manager

The Sun Horse Ranch is the place that Isabella dreamed of since she was a young girl. Growing up in an environment that followed the Franciscan order in Germany shaped her life. Isabella worked for many years in the medical field, where she loved to work with children. Isabella’s passion and experience with horses are over twenty years old. She learned horses and children have a particular affinity.

Following the principles of Caring, Loving, and Giving, she believes, makes the world better. The Sun Horse Ranch follows these principles and focuses on children, nature, and animals.

Sun Horse Ranch is the place where happiness knows your name.

img 9689.jpg julia trainer shr

Julia Scherbaum, Director of Horse Training and Riding Instruction

Horses always made Julia feel at home and happy. Growing up in Munich, Germany, and living close to horse stables and barns made Julia fall in love with horses from a young age, and the Haflinger horses were her favorite breed because of their calm and gentle character. Julia owned a Haflinger gelding, which she rode daily after school and work. As a preschool teacher working and learning in different horse stables as a trainer, Julia understood the needs and complexity of horses and students; with her great experiences as a horseback rider and knowledge about horses, her students learned how to become good leaders and confident riders by learning to observe and interact with horses in her training at the stables where she worked. Julia, her family, and her Haflinger horse moved to South Carolina in 2014. Julia’s family, with two children ages 11 and 8, lives on a little farm with their horses and chickens, and she enjoys going on trail rides and showing horses with her family in her free time.

mary ann and lilly shr

Mary Ann Noel,  Instructor

Horses have always been a part of Mary Ann’s life. Born in England during her father’s military service, and influenced by England’s horse culture, the way of the hoof-print left a lasting impression that followed her into adulthood. Having ridden for years, after purchasing two green young horses, learning to train while understanding horse behavior became a mission. Understanding the heart of the horse with their different personalities and life experiences has guided Mary Ann to approach each equine friend as an individual. Although horses basically learn the same way, tweaking the method of training is presented uniquely to suit each animal. Through understanding, she is able to both teach and build a lasting. bond with her equine partners. The result is a happy engaged animal who loves the training process. With a background in Interior Design, Mary Ann enjoys presenting ponies in such a way that delight children, establishing memories to last a lifetime.